Pitch ready forecasts have never been so easy

Empower your business by understanding your numbers

Most forecasting platforms target finance professionals, we give everyone the power to forecast

Full financial statements

The income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement giving you the essential breakdown of your business finances.


Compare your inputs and outputs against others in your sector to validate your assumptions and provide a useful sanity check

Your look & feel

Your forecasts, your branding – use your brand colour palette and fonts to drop your tables and charts seamlessly into your docs.

Unlimited detail

The detail you need, either forecasting at a higher category level or down to the individual team members and products.

Returns and valuation

Understand your funding gap, the future value of your business and map your fund raise showing investors their return each round.



Invite your team

Build, review and validate your financial forecasts with your team, advisors and investors, knowing who made what updates


Use our useful notifications to guide you through the financial forecast engine and understand when updates are made.

Comply to accounting rules

Use, report and present your numbers in the knowledge that they comply with international accountancy frameworks.

Sensitivity analysis

Get to the bottom of your business drivers by understanding which essential inputs drive revenue, costs and cash flows.

Version control

Retrieve previous versions of your forecasts to ensure that you can track changes and go back to preferred versions

Practical guidance

Use our extensive practical guidance documentation not only focusing on the theory but the practical, giving you the context of your forecast.


Toggle between monthly, quarterly and annual outputs to understand fully the cashflows and timings of potential risks.

And above all, easy to use

The numberslides platform is user friendly and simple to fill in, with guided inputs and explanations of jargon. Step away from multipage spreadsheets and create your financial model in minutes, not hours, with your bespoke financial statements and analysis ready at the click of a button

Let’s get started

Choose a plan that fits best and then enhance it with optional add-ons, as and when you need them 

Yearly (20% savings)

Enhance your financial forecasts with selected add-ons.

All add-ons come as standard with our Premium subscription, and are available as ‘extras’ within the platform for other subscription levels

Validation add-on

£9.00 / mth

Validate your assumptions  and get a better understanding of your business drivers

What’s included: Benchmarking and sensitivity analysis

Multiple models add-on

£9.00 / mth

Build up to 5 models to allow you to forecast different ideas, divisions or scenarios

What’s included: Up to 5 live forecasts

Customisation add-on

£9.00 / mth

Design your charts and tables to fit perfectly with your branding and investor docs

What’s included: Select your own colour palette

Output & charts add-on

£12.00 / mth

Gain more insight with fundraising roadmaps, dilution analysis and flexible charts

What’s included: detailed return and operating metrics and charts

Collaboration add-on

£5.00 / mth

Share your model and outputs with an unlimited number of users and select what rights they have

What’s included: unlimited users and customised rights

Unlimited inputs add-on

£9.00 / mth

forecast unlimited revenue streams and cost centres to the granularity you need.

What’s included: unlimited revenue and cost lines

Need more than 5 financial forecasts?

If you are an advisor, freelancer or accelerator with a need for forecasts in volume then please get in touch