Simple & flexible pricing.

Choose a plan that fits best and enhance it with optional add-ons, as and when you need them.

Yearly (20% savings)

Need more than 5 financial forecasts?

If you are an advisor, freelancer or accelerator with a need for forecasts in volume then please get in touch.

Enhance your financial forecasts with selected add-ons.

All add-ons come as standard with our Pro package

Validation add-on

£9.00 / mth

Validate your assumptions  and get a better understanding of your business drivers

What’s included: Benchmarking and sensitivity analysis

Multiple models add-on

£9.00 / mth

Build up to 5 models to allow you to forecast different ideas, divisions or scenarios

What’s included: Up to 5 live forecasts

Customisation add-on

£9.00 / mth

Design your charts and tables to fit perfectly with your branding and investor docs

What’s included: Select your own colour palette

Output & charts add-on

£12.00 / mth

Gain more insight with fundraising roadmaps, dilution analysis and flexible charts

What’s included: detailed return and operating metrics and charts

Collaboration add-on

£5.00 / mth

Share your model and outputs with an unlimited number of users and select what rights they have

What’s included: unlimited users and customised rights

Unlimited inputs add-on

£9.00 / mth

forecast unlimited revenue streams and cost centres to the granularity you need.

What’s included: unlimited revenue and cost lines