Don’t stress about your financial forecasts. We’ve got you.

We’re two brothers who had an idea to change the world of financial forecasting forever.  

Our ambitious plan was to solve one common problem: Building financial forecasts wasn’t exactly easy. We wanted to make financial forecasts affordable, quick and relevant.  So we created Numberslides, an intelligent forecasting engine built by finance and investment professionals for everyone

Insightful forecasts, no matter the sector or stage. 

No spreadsheets and no degree in Economics, just accurate and actionable numbers.

Quickly validate an idea, hunch or plan.

Forecasts to enable you to understand scale and potential and when you can give up your day job.

Convince investors to back your venture.

Robust and dependable forecasts to wow investors giving them an instant understanding of the returns.

Set better, more informed business targets.

Where do you want to be next month or next year and how to get there? Our forecasts will show you.

The team behind the numbers

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Max Valentine – Founder

Max knows a thing or two about business strategy and forecasting. He trained as an M&A analyst at Baird and has since been a strategy consultant at most of the big UK banks.  He has also advised and invested in 100’s of start ups in his time and knows first hand the stigma around financial forecasting.

Max is the visionary, the dreamer and makes sure that the platform remains practical and relevant to our users and their needs.

Alex Valentine – Founder

Alex is a qualified lawyer who lowered his gavel to advise and work with start ups.  His has first hand founder experience and understands the challenges in managing cash flows as a small business.  His expertise is in operations and product development.  He has an MBA from Warwick University.

Alex makes sure all the cogs are turning as they should and we keep to our mission and values of making forecasting accessible to all.